Who’s spying on you?

Who is spying on you? It could be the privacy threats at home, but how wifi routers are easily hacked?

A recent study found that the top home wireless routers are easily hacked.Hackers can access your info not only does an unsecured network expose your private info.it gives criminals the opportunity to trade illegal information over your wifi connection.

Your ISP is spying on you , for the ISP collect information on every site you visit and every message you send online.Your internet info could be handed over to the government, law enforcement, or companies looking to sue for copyright infringements.

Your boss monitors your browsing.Your employer can monitor your online activities.Your personal devices are not safe, even when using personal devices.

Hackers lurk in the corner at coffee shops.Hackers prey on public wifi networks,88% of public wifi hotspots were found unsecured.

So how can you protect yourself?

1/use antivirus program and keep upgraded.

2/safeguard your personal information

3/use a vpn service

4/creat strong passwords

5/manage your cookies.

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the people spying on you

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