top-10 most dangerous things people do with smartphone

Smartphones houses everyone’s privacy and money

It is a known fact that the smartphone houses different confidential and private information, most of which we do not wish to share with other people regardless of how close they are. The level of privacy the smartphones hold makes it very important to ensure that it is safe enough, and all the necessary preventive measures to keep it safe and in good shape are taken.

Dangerous things people do

There are many things we overlook that are harmful to our smartphones, some of those things will be highlighted and discussed in this paragraph. The first danger that will be highlighted here is leaving the smartphone without a password.

Most people do not bother to password protect their smartphones, and this is dangerous in a way that anybody can easily access all the files and documents that are on it. A survey shows that 62% of smartphone owners do not password protect their phones and this can lead to identity theft. In addition, most people leave their financial and banking apps and websites on auto sign-in.Check the full review of best trackball mouse .

We have had cases of people who had their money tampered through this mistake, the solution here is to ensure that you log out of any app or website that contains your financial details and private info.

The study shows that 32% of smartphone users have their password on their phones, this might put you in trouble if the phone should fall into wrong hands.

Finally, clicking on fraudulent emails can also lead to identity theft.  It was revealed that over 156 million phishing emails are sent every day, this shows that not every link in your inbox deserves a click. According to Protect Your Bubble’s data, 4% of all its identity theft cases stem from email fraud.


top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

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