how to hide your household eyesores

Whether its an ugly appliance or a spiders web of cables, our homes are filled with necessary eyesores.

Here we list 6 smart solutions for disguising the unsightly and tidying up your living spaces.

1.Turn your fridge into a chalkboard

Clean your fridge well then apply paint primer.After that, apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint.When dry, prepare the surface by rubbing chalk on the painted area.

2.Box up power strips and wires

Purchase one or more decorative boxes, Cut the bottoms out and cut notches into trims.Place boxes over power strips, fitting cords into notches,

3.Create a charging drawer

Choose a drawer with space at rear for a cord.Install a power strip at the back of a drawer.When recharging devices, hide them inside.

4.Use a literary disguise for a wireless router

Remove pages from unwanted hardback.Bend the spine to widen the overall fit.Place te router inside the book cover.

5.Stores laundry baskets in drawers

Choose or create a deep, empty drawer.Customise interior for storing laundry baskets.Store baskets out of sight inside the drawer.

6.Refresh old vinyl floors with paint

Select the colors and pattern to use. Clean and prime the vinyl flooring.Applying 2 coats of paint and leave to dry.

how to hide your household eyesores

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