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Most of us get lazy and tired each time we remember there are some cleanings to be done on kitchen appliances. The time it will take and the energy to be expended just make us weak before we even start the work.

Let us take oven and microwave as an example, ovens and microwaves do not switch on at the right time, automatically cook at high temperature and the door does not close properly. It requires cleaning of some certain parts to get things going well with them.Want preserve foods? check our best vacuum sealer

To make life easier, cleaning of appliances are made easier, by introducing quick, efficient and stress-free ways of doing the job well. Cleaning a refrigerator gets easier, the things needed are, Alka-Seltzer and vanilla extract. They both need to be placed behind the fridge to remove unpleasant odors, before cleaning the fridge from underneath.

Spraying a freezer with a mixture of hot water and vinegar or hot water and baking soda keep it clean, activated charcoal is set in after to absorb unpleasant odor. All a dishwasher needs to be clean are, Lemonade Kool-acid and tang.

Lemonade Kool-acid is set into the dishwasher, the citric acid removes stains and tang is used as a detergent. Adding salt to a spilt food before it cools prevents bad odor, an oven still needs to be cleaned with a paste formed after baking soda, dawn and vinegar are mixed.

Cleaning a stove is easy, a glass stovetop is cleaned with hot water and dish soap, baking soda is applied to spots and cleaned after fifteen minutes.

Microwave is maintained properly by washing with wet paper towels, a bowl of water and vinegar. A bowl of water and vinegar in a microwave-safe are steamed for like 2 minutes, the steam makes the stubborn stains soft.


Kitchen Cleaning tips



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