Home cleaning fads throughout the year

Have you ever think about the home cleaning fads throughout the years?

  • The paper towels for the kitchen was launched in 1931,It can run 311.4 million until 2016, theyre much more popular in North America for cleaning than anywhere else in the world.
  • As for automatic washing machines, it was patented in 1937, there were more automatic washing machines sold than wringer-type electric machines until 1953.
  • Black-and-white tv commercials brought the product mainstream in 1956, which has the no.1 market share with 39% of the u.s. abrasive tub and tile cleaner segment.
  • Dishwashers were initially free standing devices in the 1970s. In 1978, a Kenmore that sold for $280 would be $1046 today.
  • Vacuum cleaners. Avocado green was so popular that even vacuums came in the color in 1079s.
  • Dirt Devil hand vac was released in 1984, which were sold more than 25 million units, for the dirt devil, its parent company’s sales were $5 million in 1981.
  • Miracle Mop. This self-wringing twist mop was developed by JOY MANGANO because of the frustration with ordinary mops.A few thousand mops were sold the first year.
  • Febreze was launched in the mid-90s but failed. Later, it was launched again in 1998, this time successfully.
  • OxiClean first appeared on the infomercials in 1997. Pitchman Billy Mays got involved ,it was sold in wal-mart an sam’s club.Sales grow to 120M in 2000.
  • Roomba was launched in 2002, with 5000 unit sold the first year.Newest models will now tell you if your kid’s bedroom is actually the dirtiest part of the house in 2017.
  • In 2016,30% of North Americans seek eco-friendly products like green cleaning.With over $303 million spent on green cleaning products.

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