Best Wireless Keyboards 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

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Facing messy desk, everyone would agree when I say

My desk is such a mess with so many wires, please avoid keyboard with wire.

But finding a good wireless keyboard isn’t an easy job.

The market has gotten flooded with Wireless Keyboards in recent years, making it extremely difficult for users to make the right call.Nothing to worry about, since I’ve jotted down a list of Best Wireless Keyboards 2017 suitable for all genres of users.

Best Wireless Keyboards 2017

With every passing year, the world is ditching “wired” electronics and moving towards a decluttered wireless future. Wireless keyboards serve as a prime example of this change, and have become the number one choice for all, gamers, chat-heads or enterprise users!

Logitech K360 – Best Wireless Keyboard Overall

Logitech K360Logitech seems to be ruling the Keyboard market, right? Well, the competitors can do little against such tech-savvy equipment, especially when it’s customized for everyone and not built as one-size-fits-all.

Ironically, Logitech does have a one-size-fits-all criterion among several others! The Logitech K360 is the best wireless keyboard built for all-around use, a compact solution to all problems. Typing may be a keyboard’s prime goal, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Aesthetic design is something that makes a keyboard standout, and the K360, being an all-rounder keyboard has been designed with all these considerations.

Being the perfect match between design & functionality, the K360 is 20% smaller than a standard keyboard. It maintains all the standard keys, keypad and hotkeys so performance doesn’t take a hit. The frame is glossy with a matt-finish while the keys don’t make too much noise. A slot has been added to the keyboard for allowing the storage of the USB dongle, making it even more portable. Also, the hotkeys can be modified by the user according to his/her own needs.

Installing the K360 is as simple as any plug & play device, taking mere seconds before it can be used. The keys are extremely responsive while the 2.4GHz robust wireless connection makes sure no hitch is experienced by the user within a 10-meter radius. At the same time, Logitech K360 guarantees the protection of your sensitive information through AES 128-bit encryption so that no hacker can gain control of your keystrokes.

Lastly, the battery life on the K360 is simply out of this world. For 3 years straight you won’t need to worry about replacing the batteries or downgraded functionality. On top of this, the keyboard costs only $22(Plus, it’s on sale today, you can spend another 3 bulks to get a Logitech mouse), which truly makes it the best wireless keyboard for overall usage, whether its gaming, entertainment or work.

  • Affordable

  • Extra-long battery life

  • Space-savvy design

  • Protection against keystroke theft
  • No key indicator lights


Arteck HB030B Universal Slim  – Best Mini Wireless Keyboard

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless KeyboardA mini-keyboard has become more of a necessity than a want due to the ever-increasing pace of life. Whether its work or play, everything must be done on the go, and mini-keyboards provide a perfect answer to this. So why not own the best one?

Arteck HB030B is indeed one of the best wireless keyboards around in the miniature size category, with its list of features that never fail to impress. For starters, the HB030B packs whisper-quiet, low-profile keys that take your fingertips to a whole new level of comfort. Given the compact size of the keyboard this is very impressive since Arteck has successfully maintained the most used hotkeys, allowing users to take full-advantage of the keyboard’s customizability.

The keyboard features an elegant backlighting scheme with adjustable brightness levels, from 7 different colors to choose from; whatever suits you best! This truly boosts up the level of appeal generated by the keyboard, and simply working on it can make the entire experience more enjoyable & productive.

The body is made out of zinc, which is the main reason behind the low weight, i.e. 0.37 pounds, while at the same time adding luster to the entire appearance. This makes the keyboard perfect for trips, effectively turning it into more of a tool!

Speaking of tools & utility, the keyboard is powered by a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that works 6 months straight before requiring another recharge. The keyboard offers cross-platform support whether you have a PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or whatever, as long as the device has Bluetooth.

Some people may worry about the keyboard’s wireless technology, i.e. Bluetooth, but they should know that the keyboard works just fine thanks to Bluetooth 3.0, which is more than enough for smooth, glitch-free operation. On top of all this, the feature-studded keyboard is on sale at $21, so this is really a win-win deal for everyone out there, whether you’re bound to a PC or guided by your smartphone!

  • Beautiful design

  • 7 color adjustable backlight

  • Ultra-light, ultra-thin

  • Cross-platform
  • Low-cost
  • Vulnerable to exterior damages through rough usage


Logitech K380 – Best Wireless Keyboard without Numpad 

Logitech K380The 17-key section on the right most side of a standard keyboard is called a numpad or a numeric pad. While it gives added functionality, it also makes the keyboard larger in size, taking up more space than is available. Keyboards without Numpads are the perfect solution to this problem and are preferred in situations that require portability, space-savviness, and ergonomics.

The Logitech K380 is the best wireless keyboard without a numeric pad, because it checks all the requirements for such a keyboard, quite beautifully. Starting out with the design, the keyboard has an aesthetic color scheme allowing the customer to choose from four shades. The corners are curved, the buttons rounded and the overall outlook similar to a feather!

The keyboard is only 0.6 inches thick and 10.9 inches long due to the absence of numeric controls, and Logitech’s goal to make it as portable as possible. One might wonder that the miniature keyboard would have a learning curve to it, but the well-positioned, not-to-mention large keys make sure you don’t need even a glance to recalibrate your fingers.

The portability as you can imagine is as good as it gets, not only through the compact design but through cross-platform wireless operation. The K380 runs smoothly on a number of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android & iOS, making this the best wireless keyboard (minus numpad) out there!

  • Aesthetic design

  • Compact size

  • Cross-platform support

  • Extremely portable
  • Not a replacement for full-sized keyboards


Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 –Best Wireless Keyboard for Gaming

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800Keyboards go head to head against gaming consoles and are one of the main reasons behind PC’s unmatched credibility & strength.

Whether you like it or not, keyboards still offer the best form of control in any video game. On top of this Wireless makes it even more flexible & exciting. Logitech has considered the most demanding user requirements, and developed the K800 one of the best wireless keyboards 2017, answering the call of every gamer.

The keyboard sports a full-sized layout, the individual keys being slim thanks to the rounder shape and ergonomic design. The tactile feedback is uniform throughout, making each keystroke response the same across the entire board. The results, even inadvertently, are improved accuracy and faster typing, however, some people may need a few initial hours to get used to it.

Illumination is one of the cornerstones of this keyboard, with a dedicated button being set for its control. Furthermore, the level of backlight brightness varied dynamically, which makes the entire experience soothing & aesthetic in dim-light environments.

You may think that the constant illumination may lead to a lowered battery life, but Logitech’s inbuilt sensor makes sure this does not happen, automatically turning off the backlight after a certain interval. Plus, Logitech has packed the keyboard with rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, which keep it alive for 6 whole hours before requiring a recharge.

The keyboard’s thin profile, however, does make it vulnerable to damage from rough usage. K800, being part of Logitech’s Unifying receiver family, can be connected to a single USB plug along with 5 other peripherals at the same time.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros & cons:

  • Considerably unique ergonomic design
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries

  • Tactile Feedback

  • Adjustable backlight & Automatic Power Saving
  • Multiple connections from a single plug
  • Vulnerable to damage

  • May come off as unconventional to some users


Logitech K400 – Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad 

Logitech K400 920-007119 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard with Keyboard for TV Connected ComputerLooking for an all-in-one solution? Well, the K400 is built just for that. The best wireless keyboard with a touchpad, the K400 promises complete control over your computer/TV.

The K400 features quiet, comfortable keys along with a 3.5-inch touchpad to take care of all possible mouse worries you might have. Logitech has struck the perfect note with the weight & thinness of the keyboard. You’ll find out that the keyboard doesn’t have any “unconventional” design so there isn’t any learning curve to fear. A number of additional keys such as media control and the top row of hotkeys provide complete control and access with just a few taps.

Setting up the K400 is as simple as a snap. The entire mechanism is plug & play, plus the keyboard is compatible with Logitech’s unifying receivers. The 10 meters long wireless range on this is exactly what you would need. This is enough to provide control over the wildest of home-cinemas without worrying about delays or losing connections.

The touchpad works fluidly and doesn’t drop any commands given to it, smoothly reflecting it over to the screen. Finally, the battery does wonders, with Logitech claiming its longevity for 18 months.

Whereas the keyboard works fine with Windows, Android & Chrome OS, it doesn’t have any official compatibility for Mac, even though it works quite well. This may be a problem for those with Apple products.

  • No learning curves
  • Over a 10-meter range

  • Fluid touchpad control

  • 18-month battery life
  • No official support for Mac devices


HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 & Mouse – Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 & MouseGood things come in combo packages! Alright, I made that up, but it’s true for the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard + Mouse, which is one of the best wireless keyboard combos in the market.

As the name suggests the “Elite” Keyboard sports a premium build quality, and offers streamlined experience, boosted by the presence of HP’s ultra-responsive mouse. The keyboard boasts an extremely slim profile, and is only half an inch thick making it not only good to look at, but portable as well. The idea is well-suited for a traveling professional or a student who needs a full-sized keyboard for reach max-performance.

The mouse is equipped with a 1000 dpi optical sensor, and works fluidly, fitting perfectly either in right or the left hand. The scroll bar works smoothly, while when put together, the keyboard & mouse suit perfectly! The high-quality sensor makes sure the mouse works on the roughest of surfaces from denim to carpets, maintaining the level of portability set by the keyboard.

The range from the wireless dongle extends to roughly 30 feet and handles both mouse & keyboard without a hitch. It is worth mentioning that the package comes with a nano-receiver that can fit right into your pocket without annoying you.

HP Elite Keyboard has been designed as a chiclet style keyboard, so the user has maximum comfort, quiet and response, for uninterrupted productivity. However, it does lack a wrist rest which it makes up for through adjustable height and a several media keys on the top.

Both the keyboard and the mouse work with 2AA batteries each, and come with a one-year warranty, in case things don’t go your way.

  • Premium chiclet style build quality

  • Ultra-slim, making it portable

  • Mouse retains responsiveness on all surfaces

  • Miniature receiver dongle
  • No wrist rest


USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67  – Best Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Soft Linear ActionMechanical keyboards used to be the norm during the early computer years, especially during the 80s, but were overtaken by rubber-dome keyboards in 90s because of the low cost. Still, they have been alive through the decades, and have had a loyal fanbase, due to their high build quality and superior performance.

These keyboards raise the bar in every possible manner, whether it’s in terms of design, type print methods, construction, LED lighting or quite simply their feel.

One such keyboard that deserves to be the best wireless keyboard in the mechanical category around is the USA Majestouch MINILA Air 57. The keyboard is costlier compared to others on the market, i.e. $148, but the supreme build quality speaks for itself. The design is extremely compact, and Majestouch has saved a lot of room through the inclusion of “double function keys”. This nifty little feature is located on both sides of the spacebar, which allows greater productivity yet decreased tiredness.

Like all other mechanical keyboards, the MINILA Air 67 offers tactile feedback, detecting each keystroke before the key bottoms out. This, in turn, means that with just a few hours’ worth of practice you can increase your typing speed by a great deal.

The keyboard brings good tidings for gamers as well, who are stuck with the problem of holding down multiple keys. The MINILA Air 67 handles this problem quite nicely with “key-rollover”, allowing up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes at a time.

  • Superior build quality

  • Built for leisure & work

  • Has a premium feel to it during typing

  • Programmable FN keys
  • Key-rollover allows multiple keystrokes to be registered
  • High price


Logitech K350 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard – Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 

Logitech K350Logitech has always worked in consistent patterns, identifying consumer needs, offering feature-full products with solid build quality. The K350 is no different. But before we move ahead, a little intro to Ergonomic Keyboards is necessary.

Long-hours at work can, with the passage of time, add permanent strain to your muscles, leading to a number of problems such as repetitive strain injury. Earlier ergonomic keyboards were completely different than normal keyboards, having a unique keyboard layout, which the manufacturers claimed were necessary for reduced strain. This, however, added a steep learning curve to the keyboard making it difficult for new users to adjust and reach top typing speed.

Logitech has countered this problem by releasing the K350 Wireless Keyboard, which has the standard QWERTY layout for starters. The goal was to have a keyboard with zero learning time so Logitech didn’t tweak the key size or spacing. The design known as “Wave Design”, has a constant curve to guide the wrists in the right direction without requiring any effort. This cushions the palms and makes strain-free typing a reality rather than a myth.

In addition, it has all the standard features of a premium wireless keyboard. The tactile feedback is minimum so you won’t be disturbed or disturb anyone else with multiple clicks. Logitech’s Unifying receiver is well-integrated with the K350 allowing you to connect up to 6 compatible Logitech devices to a single dongle. This frees up several USB ports occupied by various devices.

Logitech’s K350 has a battery life that runs up for 3 years, allowing you an estimated 2 million keystrokes before needing a replacement.

  • True ergonomic design

  • Zero learning curve

  • Best wireless keyboard for long-term usage

  • Low tactile feedback
  • Media keys harder to reach


Technical Jargon

Not everyone’s well-acquainted with the hush-hush stuff of today’s electronics! Even the most well-marketed terms can appear the most difficult as quite often people just need to get the job done. It is therefore recommended, take a look at the following so that you’re prepared next time you come across a confusing term

–        Wireless Technology: wireless keyboards work either on Bluetooth or Radio Frequency. Today, radio frequency has become the norm, and keyboards are usually communicating at a range of 27MHz – 2.4GHz. A receiver is fit within the USB device while the keyboard transmits the keystrokes & associated user commands.

–        Logitech Unifying Receiver: a dedicated USB wireless receiver with the ability to connect 6 Logitech devices at the same time.

–        AES 128-bit Encryption:  an advanced encryption standard that makes use of complex algorithms; used by the US government to protect its classified information.

–        Key-rollover: the scanning of each keystroke through dedicated, independent hardware so that each keypress is detected correctly.

–     Chiclet Keyboard: a keyboard that features elevated keys with gaps between them, allowing the keys to embed into the surrounding area when pressed; usually found on laptops.



That’s the end of it. I’m sure you would find the reviews helpful, and after reading them, you’ll make an informed choice on which keyboard to buy, whether it’s for gaming, work or general usage.

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