Hi there, my name is Jessica Zhang, used to work in Sony as an engineer, currently doing Masters in Networks Security from Purdue University

I built ‘djibestbuy’ while having an argument about Best vacuum sealer with my mom.We researched for air purifier on the market about a week.

During the process of trying to find the best product for certain situation, I thought that there might be a lot of people out there seeking the same information and confused about that.


The motive of djibestbuy is to provide honest information about various products for certain situation like best overall/best for a beginner.

I want this blog is the last destination for those who are seeking the best and honest information about few products out there. Either that product is good for them or not, we want them to know all the information they should know before actually buying the product.

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I have already started my work and this is the latest review about air purifier, wireless headphones and action camera.